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The Sixth Sense review

Posted : 9 years, 1 month ago on 8 March 2011 03:48 (A review of The Sixth Sense)

The director manages to make a very interesting psychological thriller, but whose terrible strong resonance due to the spectacular overthrow of the project there. The director skillfully manages to "seduce" the viewer by focusing almost exclusively in the interest of relations between the child and the doctor.

In the film we see two seemingly contradictory but essentially the same characters. On the one hand the amazing Haley Joel Osment as the frightened and isolated children and the other the equally reclusive psychiatrist (excellent and unconventional "macho" role of Bruce Wills ) who tries to bring the children to eliminate his own remorse. The Shymalan manages to make quite an evocative atmosphere, without relying hardly a splatter effect.
The Sixth Sense was the film that in 1999 made all the spectators after the unexpected finale, wondering how and try to link all the pieces in their mind. It was the film that was discussed but little else and has made a new star who unfortunately lost somewhere along the way, that the kid then Osment. The Shyamalan overnight became the largest and most promising names in the field of direction, ambition, unfortunately not maintained over time. As to 'Anyway, how many years go by, many times to see it, even though most of the element of surprise is lost, can not deny that this is one of the smarter, more cleverly, more creative ghost stories taken place in cinematic cloth.

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The Godfather review

Posted : 9 years, 1 month ago on 6 March 2011 03:19 (A review of The Godfather)

"Godfather" by Francis Ford Coppola is without doubt one of the best movies in the history of the world cinema.Inside from the conflicts of the Mafia families for dominance and therefore the pursuit of power, the film shows the relationship between the families and their thirst for absolute power, sovereignty and crime and present a global phenomenon.Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) remained as a symbol of sublime domination, respect and absolute power affected aesthetically unique all post-production issue with the mafia.

The film describes the lives of family members of the Mafia, with a particular interest, in addition to the unsurpassed natural physiognomy of godfather, presents the youngest son as a man with ideals and values, and his slowly transformation into ruthless mob boss, after renounces Eventually all of what he lived to become the successor to the leader of familias.But these developments, the happening, place in a staged an excellent environment: an amazing atmosphere in which it has transferred successfully climate,perceptions prevailing on the Italian Mafia families.

As far as the style of movie ripping Leave age.F.F. Coppola directs brilliant actors and the result is:amazing performance of actors over a deep and vivid characters, each with its own strengths and defects occupying the film.A masterpiecing direction, indicative of excellent binder for example, hatched their recall scenes such as the near-assassination of the Godfather that have passed the time.Director himself would become famous for its masterpieces of distant screens and for shots from within the film is based.The amazing script is based in the novel of Mario Puzzo.

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The Exorcist review

Posted : 9 years, 1 month ago on 6 March 2011 04:41 (A review of The Exorcist)

In 1972 the officers of Warner Bros decided to turn to film his book William Peter Blatty "Ôhe Exorcist". Ystera the refusal of Stanley Kubrick and John Boorman, the director takes a young man who finally started to become known after the successful (artistic and commercial) of Ôhe French Connection. O William Friedkin thus having the full support of the same author (who has adapted the script) and a multi-talented cast at the disposal of (Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow, Jason Miller, Linda Blair), failed to establish that even now called "The SCARIEST film of all time."

In the first part we have to do more with a psychological thriller, and perhaps most shocking is the process of exorcism that follows the second (which today may seem a little quaint in places because of outdated effects). The Friedkin creates a haunting backdrop reminiscent electrifying atmosphere before the storm. Constantly playing with the nerves of the viewer and the reflexes of (inoculating the film parasyneidisiakes images), manages to cause feelings of withdrawal and redemption. Expertly guides (and the trick mentioned above) all of the actors. Special mention should be natural for Linda Blair (played the possessed Regan), which shows incredible acting (not only) maturity for her age. Finally, the music seems ideal and is likely to haunt the mind for long.

Storyline is enough to qualify from the original: a demon takes out his body and soul a little girl. Juggling the boundaries of the supernatural, the devil is (as always with the script) is an ancient spirit that accidentally released during archaeological excavations. At a symbolic level, the demon he could be "hysterical" (in the Freudian sense) syndrome occupied females just before their entry into the menstrual cycle. The fear of the changes occurring in their body and then up to the psyche and worldview. The legendary masturbation scene with the cross, beyond the obvious purpose (ie to shock), is perhaps the best example of those who basically want tell us director and writer: the Regan has a small "daimonistei" is standard, prohibition, and "must" to impose them on the Catholic church, according to strict principles of which had been raised. So could someone wondered if all that's happening is just a psychosomatic reaction to this oppression.

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The Big Lebowski review

Posted : 9 years, 1 month ago on 2 March 2011 04:11 (A review of The Big Lebowski)

Jeff Lebowski who wants to be known only as Dude, visited by two thumbs up. Once up and pees on the carpet to find that kopanagane Lebowski mistake and withdraw. The Dude, in terms of type of groundnuts and his friend Walter, a veteran of Vietnam and .. Jewish terms, decide not to let it go so (after the carpet fit in a room) ...

From the voice over of authority where the announcer (perhaps for the first time in cinematic history) loses his words and give up, it is obvious that the plot is not the strongest point of the Big Lebowski. Like its central character, the film .. improvising on the road addressing situations as they come, with humor, making choices based on principles rather than interests.
The (anti) hero of the film is Jeff Bridges in the role of Dude identified with his hero, creating the finest ever played. The (almost frighteningly) Bridges perfect follow return all actors without exception the cast (once .. habit of Cohen). They give their best and as replaying the film, both take care to report details that shaped their character. First the nose John Goodman (Walter).

Overall, the movie, with clear references to nihilism and the new (American) left of the 60s, is the anti-statement of the 90s regarding the movie. Extremely funny and thought ("parts, anyway"), the most (intentionally) misunderstood and best movie Coen.

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Triangle review

Posted : 9 years, 1 month ago on 1 March 2011 11:49 (A review of Triangle)

I just saw the "Triangle" and rotates in my mind, like a puzzle which, although I have all the pieces I can not put in the correct order - it is like David Lynch decided to return to a atmospheric horror film.

The honourable Christopher Smith builds a story of half of the movie and then you lose the ball and requires you to see it again (at least) once time.Direct very skillfully and creates the atmosphere gives us 2, 3 scenes that will stick sharply and without resorting to gore element generates high volume.

Melissa George is terrific in the leading role in shaping a character immersed in thoughts and problems, which have even more questions from the audience and stage with the stage reached in the answer, given in (?) at the end of the film. The rest of the cast moving at a satisfactory level but someone managed to stand out.

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Stand by Me review

Posted : 9 years, 1 month ago on 1 March 2011 03:13 (A review of Stand by Me)

"Stand by my side" support four boys around 13 to start one of the greatest adventures of their lives. They decide to flee their homes to find the corpse of a boy who overheard it lying dead next to the train lines. The journey is trying to heal the personal wounds and have to face a gang of older boys who are claim and in turn the glory of the discovery of the dead boy.
One of the few Stephen King books that contains so many socio-psychological personality references to four boys spent the early adolescent period.

In Stand by me, seamlessly combines the atmosphere of mystery and adventure (as close to the children in finding the corpse, so the suspense climaxes), but to become a thriller nor a case for once! On the other hand, gentle children's party ceases to be so gentle as the plot develops as small "truant" has to grapple with highly traumatized. They must become men and the only place to do this is through their joint venture and their friendship.

A story of courage and friendship, then this is the Stand by me. One story has a moral lesson in the end, manages to keep the public's interest and although the peak is not particularly dramatic, nobody can be resented by the developments. Four children are men, four children wounded, they find the courage and strength to resist and fight with something stronger than them.

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Winter's Bone review

Posted : 9 years, 1 month ago on 1 March 2011 02:52 (A review of Winter's Bone)

Debra Granik delivers a riveting essay on a different America than the polished usually arrives on our screens. The white-trash community targeting the lens, the character gets a dump of souls, which burst through the pages of the novel by Daniel Woodrell. Within this closed society with its own codes and principles, a young girl with a lot of soul hundredweight - brilliantly interpreted by Lawrence - denies halt to it and relevant, of orthonontas stature among human shadows soaked to pinch and apathy, that rise from a chair usually only to threaten or act violently.

The absent mother, not uttering a word throughout the movie - as well decide the Granik - not interested let us witness of what suffers. There is also no coincidence that in this microcosm of a 17 year old and a U.S. Army sergeant end up being the only voices of reason in adults chapakomenous, stoned, lost and made by hand, just like the charred forest in which they vegetate through the cold, gray photo of Michael McDonouch.

After all this, the four Oscar nominations in major categories (best film, screenplay, A Women: Jennifer Lawrence, Actor: John Hawkes) come absolutely fair and normal. The «Winter's Bone» singles, indeed, for many reasons, not only for the separate scenes and kneel psychological surprise the viewer or the remarkable stylistic and aesthetic result.

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I Love You, Phillip Morris (2009) review

Posted : 9 years, 1 month ago on 26 February 2011 03:53 (A review of I Love You, Phillip Morris (2009))

Glen Ficarra and John Requa attempt to overthrow the genre of romantic comedy, replacing the familiar boy meets girl with a boy meets ... boy and even in prison! With humor that throws political correctness from ... back door, but never to make fun at the expense of the two main characters and their sexual identity,«I Love You Philip Morris» offers most plenty of laughter and unexpected tenderness. But then changed direction two or three times to the point that we fail to grasp the overall orientation.
Jim Carrey in this role resorting to the usual maniere,which over time has been perfect,but Ewan McGregor is the one who wins the duel of interpretation by giving discretion to the naturalness Philip Morris,a character less developed than that of Steven Russel,which is partly explained by the fact that watching the events in the light of the second.

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A sick movie or a masterpiece?

Posted : 9 years, 1 month ago on 25 February 2011 03:45 (A review of A Serbian Film (2010))

The truth is somewhere in the middle.It's clear intention of the director's cause, and to create a fuss this film and his attitude towards the government of Serbia!They fuck them from the day they born, even when they die! And so the provocative scenes are perhaps the ugliest and sickest we have seen in a movie, in a level that porn scenes look like from the episode of Beverly Hills.And yes,unfortunately all needed in the movie.
BUT ... not all and not in this level.An want to show what passes your country finds a way to tell where all they can see and understand it! Everything else is pure challenge to be heard and nothing above!
Stochizei a mistake in this film and the script makes to rubble from everywhere.Directional is very good with very nice shots and a stunning interpretation of the protagonist! He had things to say, the film,too bad that I will not say noone to see it.It lost!

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Inception review

Posted : 9 years, 1 month ago on 15 February 2011 01:17 (A review of Inception)

The «Inception» is the most ambitious work to date Nolan. All his favorite film techniques are present here, from the impressive panoramic shots to the fragmented narrative, the frantic editing, time setbacks and the continuing shift sign and thematic lines. The only difference here, however, compared with previous works already identified in his favorite subject, the ambiguous concept of reality.Inside the human mind in which space and time become completely different dimensions, director and screenwriter Nolan will unfold a full symbolic story that will test the limits of what we perceive as reality and the very 'idea' as meaning. In the form of a heist movie cleverly pursuit, the «Inception» is a nightmarish puzzle in which everyone can understand what the picture shows, but hard to join the pieces to see it as it really is.Leonardo Dicaprio is excellent, while the remaining cast give good performances as the significance of their role, with its impressive Marion Cotillard and Ken Watanabe to distinguish features.
Executed with mathematical precision, the «Inception» is above all a personal triumph for Nolan, a complex adventure, sci-fi thriller that honors nature and responds mostly very positive to the enormous hype that accompanied the start.

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